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Guess who is back, NOKIA?

Many of us can remember they hay day of feature phones. We all had them, from the 1st polyphonic ringtones with the advent of colour screens. The excitement was palpable. What would they think of next? Recently the smartphone market has really become a race to achieve...

Spectrum, what’s the deal?

Spectrum, all mobile network operators in South Africa need it to offer their services across the country and with the governments failing to allocate spectrum it has become a mobile operators most valuable asset. Shameel Joosub the CEO of Vodacom stated that since...

The Notch – How Xiaomi managed eradicate it.

The notch, an issue of some contention one of the many internet fuelled debates… Good or bad? Who knows? As a personal opinion I don’t mind it, but for a lot of people they felt that this was infringing on their screen space, the screen space that was newly added due...

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