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Windows 7 attacks rise 71%

A report published by security company Webroot has shown a massive increase in infections on systems running Windows 7. The mid-year update of the Webroot Threat Platform shows that since 2018 Windows 7 exploits have risen by 71% and that the number of IP hosts have...

Facebook Facing Pressure on its Libra Blockchain Project

According the The Verge, Libra Association members is being actively pressured by Lawmakers in the US to rethink their participation with the group. CEO’s of Visa, MasterCard, Stripe have sent a letter warning of the risk the digital currency could face, among them...

Fake news: The new minefield of the web

It isn’t uncommon these days to read a headline about “Russian hackers posting fake news”, it is even President Trumps favourite new phrase. Fake news is the scourge of the web. The spread of misinformation carries any number of ramifications, to the point where it...

Critical Security Flaw in Firefox – UPDATE!

There has been a critical exploit found in the Mozilla browser that allows attackers to inject malicious code into a user’s system if they visit an infected page using the unpatched version of the browser. The company has released security updates to fix this...

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