A special event may be on the cards for Apple on November 17 as it prepares to launch ARM-powered hardware.

Jon Prosser, a tech analyst, tipped off on Twitter that Apple plans to host an ARM Mac event in November, launching its new in-house designed ARM-powered Macs which is intended to replace the current intel architecture that has been used for more than a decade.


“To confirm, there is a November ARM Mac event. I’m hearing November 17. You should see this confirmed with an announcement on Tuesday, November 10,” Prosser said in a tweet.

During the WWDC 2020 conference in June, Apple had announced it will be moving from the Intel chips that are currently powering all of its Mac hardware to Apple Silicon designed in-house.

Similar to Intel or AMD x86 processors, ARM hardware is usually prone to be used in mobile devices due to their greater power efficiency, giving products like the phones and tablets Apple or otherwise a long battery life without the need for active cooling.

The Switch to ARM-based hardware and cutting Intel out of the loop could save Apple as much as 40-60 per cent, according to media reports, although this would still need to be verified in the real world.

ARM-based processors are likely to add the appeal of hardware differentiation to the Mac machines over Windows PCs, however, Windows has steadily been working on their version of Windows on ARM.

For their lower-end laptop offerings, this would reportedly help Apple keep prices down.

Apple also seems to be heading in the direction that its hardware would rely on USB4 standard aimed at unifying USB Type-C and Thunderbolt protocols. These new ports and protocols will deliver new computing experiences with faster data transfer speeds.

To confirm, there IS a November ARM Mac event. I’m hearing November 17th


Jon Prosser @jon_prosser

Tech Analyst

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