D-Link Security Flaw Identified: Do you need a new Router?

by | Nov 7, 2019 | 0 comments

Fortinet Labs have recently uncovered that many D-Link routers have a security flaw that is not going to be patched, this leaves the routers vulnerable open for attackers to be able to perform remote code execution with root privileges. 

In a statement, they said, “We rated this as a critical issue since the vulnerability can be triggered remotely without authentication”

Unfortunately, those models are no longer supported by D-Link which means that they will not receive any patches to help fight back against attackers who wish to exploit this vulnerability, leaving consumers with no other option than to purchase a new router if they wish to secure their routers. 


Affected Routers: 

Below is a list of the affected routers: 

  • DIR-655
  • DIR-652
  • DHP-1565
  • DIR-855L
  • DAP-1533
  • DIR-862L
  • DIR-615
  • DIR-835
  • DIR-825

If you have purchased one of the models on your own above we highly recommend that you check with your supplier if this model is vulnerable to this flaw.

GMSC does supply Routers so if you are worried please contact us on info@gmsc.co.za 

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