Samsung Galaxy Note 10: when is it getting here and how much will it cost?

by | Aug 12, 2019 | 0 comments

The announcement of the Note 10 at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event was not as exciting due to the leak last week revealing much about the new phone, thankfully Samsung still had some secrets up their sleeve. The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ is Samsung’s powerhouse phone but with all that power comes the price tag for this flagship device.

The Note 10 features a 6.3-inch display while the 10+ features a 6.8-inch display, the note 10 has removed the Bixby Button and the headphone jack (as the trend continues). Both iterations do have the incredibly handy  S Pen, this smart stylus lets you accomplish numerous fancy things like the incredibly useful handwriting-to-text feature which uses a built-in app to automatically change what you jot down to text making easier to read and the ability to share to email and so forth.

The performance of these units is really where they start to be impressive, both devices have 12GB of RAM and have multiple storage options starting at 256GB ranging all the way to 512GB. Samsung has also packed some serious battery power with the Note 10 packing a 3400mAh battery and the Note 10+ having a 4300mAh battery. Another claim from Samsung is that the phones will have “console power” and feature a enhanced gaming boost most to take your mobile gaming to the next level.

The colour choices for the phones will be Aurora Glow, Aurora Black and Aurora white.

The price tag, this is where it gets steep… for the Note 10 your looking at a cool R18,999 and the for Note 10+ it will be R19,999.  The date for pre prdering will open soon and customers who do pre order will receive a galaxy fit for free while stocks last.

Do you think you will get one?

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