Independent Dev tackles 7-year-old windows issue in a few hours.

by | Jul 17, 2019 | 0 comments

We have all had it, you’re busy with a youtube video or in an intense gaming session but we need an extra kick of volume, you mash the volume up hotkey or use the slider, and boom, the volume slider never closes, has the timer glitched or do you have to restart explorer? This persistent volume slider isn’t the worst issue with the windows operating system but for some it is enough to ruin an isolated experience and build up resentment for an operating system.

The problem has been around since windows 8 with some calling the volume overlay system ‘outmoded’. An issue that has been largely ignored by Microsoft over the years finally got the best of an independent developer named Niels Laute. Niels has reported that he fixed the issue in a couple of hours, he executed an exciting new feature to the windows 10 volume overlay… the dismiss button… all this was achieved with the free Windows community toolkit software

This is a fresh take on the new volume overlay that has popped up recently. what fresh takes would you like to see implemented? tell us in the comments 

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