The Notch – How Xiaomi managed eradicate it.

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The notch, an issue of some contention one of the many internet fuelled debates… Good or bad? Who knows? As a personal opinion I don’t mind it, but for a lot of people they felt that this was infringing on their screen space, the screen space that was newly added due to the “no bezel” design trend.

Up and coming smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has once again flexed its innovative chops by developing a front facing camera, placed under the screen. While this may sound like fiction we are living in a world where advancements in technology have even made Moore’s Law almost moot.

In a DPReview report the senior vice-president of Xiaomi sent out a tweet (  the supplied images and explained how this new technology works and it is some pretty insane.

In a bit of background, the reason the notch was created was that because current camera technology requires all materials above it to be totally translucent to allow light to flow into the camera lens the best solution was the notch or dot drop solution as pictured here.

Xiaomi was not happy with this, so they created what was basically a “display-in-a-display” what this means is that there is a small rectangular section of the screen that is made of “special low-reflective glass with high transmittance.” (Humphries, 2019) The camera sits snugly beneath the screen and can take photos unhindered by the display above this. Mind blowing to say the least.

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